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Information on unlocking Rune Fencer

ZephyrVolk, Jun 11, 13 9:15 PM.
Take note on what your Main Job is when "Attempting to use Rune Enhancement" on Caperusita, I was set to BLM and took 100 attempts to succeed

Seekers of Adoulin - gameplay footage

Matt500845, Jun 11, 13 9:14 PM.
Hi everyone :D
Mateja here. Just thought I would share this awesome article and gameplay vids for the upcoming Seekers expansion from my favorite RPG website =) Geomancer looks... a-w-e-s-o-m-e D: ...enjoy! ^^

Our Guild Page

Anela03, Mar 20, 13 5:09 PM.
Slowly but surely, this page changes and gets updated. I would LOVE to see more use, especially as the new expansion comes online and we learn about it. Remember, you can post your needs on the Calendar page, and I will try my best to schedule help.
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  We are a Social Linkshell, on the Bahamut Server, made up of all sorts of characters. We refuse to be limited by "Conventional" thinking. We have a variety of members with skills in every area, doing just about everything in the game.

The only "Rules" are simple:
Don't abuse fellow LS Members. 
No Racial Slurs. 
Limit the Profanity, No "F" Bombs
And most importantly..

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Anela03 11/26/2014 8:29 PM
No loggins by anyone in month. ; ;s
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